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Buying a Hearing Aid

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hearing devices on the market today. A hearing aid is a major investment, one that can be very rewarding when you work with experienced professionals. Many retailers offer deeply discounted prices on hearing aids, but offer little to no follow-up service. Industry wide, digital hearing aids are returned 19-20% of the time. Why? Because the process of adjusting to hearing aids takes time and almost always involves follow-up advice, help and adjustment.

HearingPlanet is here to help through the buying process, file insurance and discuss financing options. The purchase of a hearing aid is different than other healthcare related products, the process can be confusing. This is why HearingPlanet is here, to help navigate you through the process by being a trusted resource. Our long standing relationship with the top providers in the US.

 HearingPlanet offers the best approach to hearing loss with our 3 Step Process:

1) When you call, you are connected with your own Personal Hearing Consultant. They will listen, answer any questions, and develop your custom hearing profile. This outlines your hearing goals, expectations, and listening situations.

2) You will have the opportunity to schedule a hearing evaluation at one of our endorsed local clinics. Your Personal Hearing Consultant will find a clinic near you and setup the appointment for you.

3) Your local hearing professional will discuss the results of your hearing evaluation with you, making recommendations based on your lifestyle and test results.

Reconnecting with your world will increase your quality of life.