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Choosing a Hearing Aid

Do you or someone you love struggle with hearing?

Have you been avoiding the signs or hoping that they would go away over time?

Is your idea of treating the condition involve increasing the volume on your phone or TV?

Hearing aids have come a long way since the days of clunky appearance, limited battery life and having to manually adjust for different listening environments. Today’s hearing aids have advanced features designed to offer peak performance that are customized to each individuals specific needs. User-friendly advancements such as enhanced speech recognition, connectivity, sleeker design, feedback cancellation, smartphone integration and automatic adoption which handles the transition from one listening environments to the next.

Without a doubt hearing aid technology has come a long way. Here at Hearing Planet we pride ourselves on having personally helped more than 54,000 clients through their own hearing journey.

Buying a Hearing Aid can be overwhelming, finding the right hearing solution often involves much more than simply choosing one particular device. In fact, you may even find more than one brand or style of device that works for your personal hearing solution. That is why, at HearingPlanet we are here to help. We have built our website and our business around helping people navigate the process. We believe the most critical component on your path to hearing health is finding the right Hearing Healthcare Professional. With our 16 years in business, we know the best providers in your area. We spend time credentialing our strong network of 1,600 Endorsed Local Clinics so you don’t have to.

To help you get started we have created an easy to use, 3 minute online hearing test.